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As director of the Maine Museum of Art, Dr. Dulcinea Chambers rubs shoulders with the likes of wealthy patrons, eccentric artists, and everyone in between.

It’s the perfect mix for intrigue, mayhem, and murder!

The Dulcie Chambers Museum Mysteries

by Kerry Charles
Set in the coastal Maine city of Portland, THE DULCIE CHAMBERS MUSEUM MYSTERIES show the urban side of Maine through the eyes of museum director Dr. Dulcinea Chambers and Portland Police detective Nicholas Black.
With a doctorate in art history from Oxford University, Dulcie has seen much of the world, but is a Maine girl at heart. Nick hails from Boston’s blue bloods and was groomed for a career in law, but turned his back on the family firm to stamp out crime instead.
Joined by Dulcie’s brother, a confirmed bachelor and local tour-boat operator, as well as the wisecracking veteran detective Adam Johnson, they discover that the small city of Portland harbors some very big secrets!

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The game of golf that we recognize today has a history stretching back nearly 600 years. People young and old, from cultures around the world, all play the game. Anything that endures to such an extent most certainly resonates with human nature.
A Better Lie compares the game to common life situations that we all encounter. In the rough? Face your demons. A long drive? Be comfortable with the outcome of a calculated risk. A better lie? Know when you just need to do the right thing.
Golf is a game of etiquette, dress codes, ethics and integrity. The way someone plays speaks volumes about who he or she is as a person. A Better Lie reflects on the game as it parallels a golfer’s life in general, or rather, a life well played.

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Author Kerry J Charles talks about the Dulcie Chambers series...

“What if Nancy Drew grew up?” That’s the question that author Kerry J Charles asked herself when she created the character Dr. Dulcinea (“Dulcie”) Chambers. As director of the Maine Museum of Art, Dulcie rubs shoulders with the likes of wealthy patrons, eccentric artists, and everyone in between. And just like her predecessor Nancy, Dulcie finds herself embroiled in intrigue, mayhem, and murder.

For Charles, Maine is a key part of every book in the series. “In literature and film, Maine has long been associated with mystery and murder,” she reminds us. “Think Steven King, Jessica Fletcher, or Dark Shadows. Most often these stories are set in coastal villages, inland towns, or even Maine’s great outdoors. I wanted Dulcie Chambers to live in a different kind of Maine – a place that’s more cosmopolitan and squarely in the modern world. Portland surely fits the bill, yet Dulcie can’t quite get away from the small town nature of the city, not to mention her own psyche, even while living and working in the downtown area. In fact, that just might be what she likes best!”

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